Trinidad Carnival 2014: LP:TS-YUMA

“That bumpah is too real It dangerous Ah wan ah wine but it lookin Dangerous” – Kerwin Do Bois

The excitement of Trinidad Carnival (with Yuma) 2014 has been captured once again in live and living color with photo coverage by the Dwayne Watkins-led photo team.  Invited to cover the experience for a second year in a row by Limin’ Professionalz:The Syndicate (LP:TS), TeamDWP arrived in T & T armed and dangerous. Feeling like true carnival veterans, TeamDWP came prepared as always for lots of paint, plenty good vibes, and this year – a few Rolly Pollys!  Our clients had the luxury of feting camera-free while we captured their high energy exploits.

LP:TS were definitely the “Life ah de Party” – here are some highlights of our time with them at Trinidad Carnival 2014.  Bacchanal Jamaica 2014, WI READY!!!

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You have captured the joy of carnival. Well done. your colors pop and the smiles on every face tells such a happy story. Love love love your work.

Love love love your work!!!!!! You guys photographed Trinidad’s Carnival way better than most Trinis do. I’m feel special knowing that I’m in some of these pics and that you took a wonderful photo of me from the Sunny Side Up Breakfast Party!!! Keep up the great work!!

Love these pics! They really show the true beauty of Trinidad Carnival and are givin meh a real tabanca. Thanks for continuing to capture our amazing festival! Getting ready for 2015…

Awesome coverage as usual… your pictures transport the music!

Love the photos, you guys are very talented

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ab-so-lute-ly enjoyed looking at these pics. vibrant colors, bodies, smiles etc. Just share Euphoria (carnival vibes).
Definitely a life’s must do. Hope to see you on the Rd. DWP.

These pictures take me back. Dwayne, you capture the essence of BLISS!

Love you guys DWP!! Dwayne and Stephen, you guys are amazing and your work is super awesome!! Missed you guys this year….:( :* 😀