Susan + Quasy {Pattoo Castle, Negril, Jamaica}

Give yourself a round of applause.  We’ll wait…..

If you’re a couple who got married during this pandemic, then you deserve some extra cheer.

Couples during this crazy pandemic period, are so resilient.  Take this beautiful couple for example, Susan & Quasy…  Their destination wedding in Jamaica, planned to perfection.  Location reserved, vendors in place, even the weather outlook was perfect.  Then one week before their wedding, the bride and groom got Covid19.  One Week!!!!  Now instead of focusing on their wedding, they had to do everything to recover from something that has destroyed so many lives.  But this bride and groom were determined.   Determined not just to recover from Covid19, but to also have the wedding they’ve always imagined.  Plans had to be changed, new date secured for their wedding venue, flights re-booked, shuffling vendors, and trying to get everyone and everything organized for the new date, which is never an easy task.

They say nothing happens before it’s time.  And we wholeheartedly agree; because we couldn’t imagine a more perfect day for these two.

Huge congrats to this beautiful, resilient couple, and a big shout out to Dragonfly Experiences, and all the good, outstanding and understanding people in this industry that still do what it takes to make clients happy.

We’re very excited to share this couple’s love story of their wedding day below.  Check it out, leave a comment, share the love.

Another TeamDWP + Dragonfly Experience ❤

Getting Ready + Pre-Wedding + Reception: Pattoo Castle, Negril, Jamaica
Ceremony: Pattoo Castle, Negril, Jamaica
Floral + Decor: Floral Fantasies
Décor+Production+Lighting: M Style XP
Cake: Leanne Cooke – Cakes by Noida
Videographer: Elite Media Concepts
Party Vibes: Elite Media Concepts
Wedding Coordinator: Kimberley Dunkley Watkins – Dragonfly Experiences
Creative Director and Lead Photographer: Dwayne A. Watkins