Wahida & Shan {Married}


Absolutely beautiful, gorgeous , very colorful .
Congrats , but was trying to find you & Rizwan.

Lovely photographs! Congrats to Shan and Wahida and to their families.
You make a beautiful couple!

Love Neelo

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Haider!!! Memorable pictures of a beautiful occasion, wish I could have shared.

Beautiful, beautiful!!

Great pictures & beautiful people. i missed the ceremony but looking at it now feels like i was there . All the blessings for the couple.

Lovely images of a most beautiful wedding !! Many many congratulations to all.

Lovely photographs…Congratulations …

Absolutely stunning pictures. Shan and Wahida…………Bollywood here we come !! These images have captured the joy brilliantly. Thank you for sharing the beautiful moments.

Dwayne, these are awesome. I could look at them forever. It feels like I’m looking through a fairytale story.


Absolutely beautiful!
Congrats to Wahida and Shan.

Beautiful photos. Captured the spirit of the wedding festivities

Beautiful couple, I love the colors.
I am always amazed at your ability to transcend feelings of love and joy through your photos.
Thanks for sharing your great work TeamDWP, and congratulations to Wahida and Shan.

So much colour! So much joy! So much love! Blessings to the newly-weds!

P.S. I look forward to these posts like they’re cheques in the mail!