Tina & Bharat {Married}

Getting Ready: Iberostar Rose Hall Grand Hotel, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Mehendi: Iberostar Rose Hall Grand Hotel, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Sangeet: The Tryall Club, Hanover, Jamaica
Ceremony: Montego Bay Convention Centre, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Reception: Bellefield Great House, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Decor: Ingrid Peralto
Makeup: Paul March
Wedding Cake: Nyla D’Andrea
Desserts: Dawn Mitchell & Jhing
Caterers: Suzanne Couch & Ragu – Passage to India
Lighting & Sound: Sparkles Productions
Music: DJ Kucha, New York
Video Production Team: Mike Cantarell – Cancun Wedding Video
Wedding Coordinator: Ingrid Peralto & 
Francene Bingham
Associate Photographer: Steven McFarlane
Assistant/Photographer: Tricia Bent

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Pictures are so gorgeous. Everything from this glamorous wedding was captured beautifully.

Fantastic Pictures as usual from Dwayne Watkins, but really PHENOMENAL work by Sparkles Productions-ALL the decor and coordination all thedifferent locations! INCREDIBLE work and these photos have captured it all beautifully!

Outstanding photography of a super fantabulous wedding!!!

Just awesome. The culture was well captured and displayed. I can just feel theocracy and energy

An AMAZING record of this wonderful moment in time. The pictures tell a story of love, family, fun and good fortune.
The colors were amazing!
I wish the happy couple life’s richest blessings.

O.M.G.! No words. #ijustcant

The ornate details :: The profusion of colour :: The conjured emotion :: The story told… captured.
Simply brilliant… what wonderfully documented memories!