Jodie + Marvin {Ocean Z Boutique Hotel, Aruba}


Beautiful couple, Beautiful bride, Beautiful affair, Beautiful venue,, Beautiful photography, Beautiful memories, Beautiful LOVE.
WONDERFUL xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxosx

You captured the magic and the sentiments of this beautiful occasion so perfectly. I relived the moments all over again. Thank you for sharing!

I totally love these! Art at its best! It made me feel like I was there experiencing their happy day! Congrats to the couple and Great work! Keep it up❤️

These pictures are simply AMAZING. The photographer was able to capture moments that are special and often missed such as Marvin’s kiss on Jodie’s shoulder.

Marvin and Jodie, may you continue to live surrounded by love, happiness and laughter.

Speechless. The bride took my breath away in Aruba and the amazing photos you’ve captured have done it again. Congratulations to the Wilmoths!

The most beautiful couple with the best of the best !!!
Great photographer loved every minute of the wedding and the days before and after.
The best of luck to this wonderful couple that I can call now my friends !
Love you !
Eva .

This. Is. Perfection. ❤️

Wow, Dwayne. Words fail me with this one!

Wishing Jodi and Marvin a lifetime of love and happiness. And wishing you continued magic in all that you do.

Absolutely amazing photography. Stunning couple????