Emily + Tim {Good Hope Great House, Wakefield, Trelawny, Jamaica}

Love is Patient. Love is Kind. Qualities that immediately stood out when we first met Emily and Tim. Theirs is a love that exudes kindness and patience, making them among the most remarkable individuals you’ll ever meet, matched only by the warmth of their equally charming family.

Emily and Tim tied the knot at St Joseph’s Catholic Church, and continued their celebrations at Good Hope Great House in Trelawny, Jamaica.

There was a calm confidence and expectancy for their union.  This synchrony resonates profoundly with my wife Kimmi (their wedding planner @Dragonfly_Exp) and my beliefs, that wedding days need not be chaotic, but can embrace tranquility.

Dwayne, I trust your vision,” Emily remarked. “We’re easy…. Whatever you decide would be best, we’ll do it.”  Tim added.  “Say less” I responded, knowing from experience that not many brides/grooms can truly manage relinquishing control.  But they did just that.  They let go, and immersed themselves into each other and beauty of the day.

There was a moment, when we had Emily poised elegantly by a vast window, the lighting was perfect for me, but I knew the sun was intensely streaming through the glass window.  Despite the searing brightness, she remained composed until we got the perfect shot.  And it was worth it. (you’ll see in a sec)

The moment came for their First Look.  As Tim turned to see Emily, his face was a mixture of pure joy and overwhelming happiness. Normally a rather reserved person, Tim had tears welled in his eyes, as he saw his wife for the “first time”, in her incredible Pronovias wedding dress, with a sweetheart neckline, complimented with a wind swept cathedral veil.  These are the moments we truly live for.  These once in a lifetime moments, captured forever.

We understand the magnitude of our craft, and the impact it holds in shaping lives and legacies. It’s not merely about the present; it’s about crafting memories that echo through generations. It’s a responsibility we honor deeply.  At the end of the night, the bride’s father approached us; his gratitude overflowing, yet, his words carried a weight far beyond gratitude.  He emphatically conveyed that our work transcends time; it immortalizes this day for generations to come. “My grandchildren and great-grandchildren will relive this day through these images.”  And in that moment Kimmi and I were reassured in knowing that this is what we strive to craft for each of our cherished couples.

Congratulations, Emily and Tim! ❤︎ Welcome to the Family. Merry Christmas!

Another @TeamDWP + @Dragonfly_Exp Experience ❤︎


Getting Ready: Good Hope Great House, Wakefield, Jamaica
Ceremony: St Joseph Catholic Church, Trelawny, Jamaica
Reception: Good Hope Great House, Wakefield, Jamaica
Make-up + Hair Sylist: Gourmet MakeupJoni Stone + Alexis Roberts
Décor: The Plush Touch – Jadie Soutar
Production + Lighting: Starlight Productions
Live Band –
Party VibesElite Media Concepts
Wedding Planner: Kimberley Dunkley Watkins – Dragonfly Experiences
Creative Director and Lead Photographer: Dwayne A. Watkins