Akilah + Melvin {Married}


Hey can you tell me where the men’s suits are from please?!

Thank you

hey Akilah, congratulations to you both on your marriage. i wish you many long and happy years together. you make a lovely bride

Wowwwww! What BEAUTIFUL pics! Looks like you both had the wedding of your dreams. Wishing you two a lifetime of joy, happiness, laughter, and much love!

Wow, beautiful pictures. Gee just to think both of you were in each others lives for many years before you realized your hearts were one! Congratulations and Best Wishes to both of you ! God Bless your union,

Amazing photos. But we missing the makeup artist credit, Andrea Beale, War Paint Makeup Artistry, please and thank you!

Absolutely beautiful, love your pictures.. Beautiful couple love you Akilah

Amazing pictures! Very happy for you Kilah to finally find love and that man you deserve! Wish you and your new hubby all the best in your unity.

Stay Blessed.