Amy + Michael {17th Wedding Anniversary, Negril, Jamaica}

Oh what a joy this is for us.  Celebrating Amy + Michael’s 17th wedding anniversary with an incredible photoshoot in Negril, Jamaica.

Amy and Michael met and got married in a quick Las Vegas wedding and much like their wedding, life came at them quickly.  Careers, kids, and a beautiful family, seventeen years came quicker than they expected.  And, after all this time, they still had no “Wedding pictures” to show.  Queue TeamDWP.  After 17yrs, we were chosen (I believe destined) to fulfill the task of getting them images they have always wanted.  Images that not only show how deep their love is, but also images that are in a sense, a road map of a seventeen year journey.

We chose beautiful West End Negril, Jamaica.  We already knew the rocky, natural, cliff side beauty would have been a perfect backdrop for showing the strength of their love, while providing a great juxtaposition, highlighting the gentle, intimate, happy love they shared with each other.  They obviously have the secret to a long and happy relationship.  The emotion that the images below evoke, give us some insight into this secret.  Amy and Michael’s love is a deep mature love, just as passionate, just as real, and just as exciting as when they first met.

Join us….It doesn’t matter how you get here.  It’s all destiny.  See how beautiful 17 years together has been and can be.

Big Thank You to Ocean Cliff and Rock House for allowing us to use their resorts as amazing backdrops to this love story.

Happy 17th Wedding Anniversary Amy + Michael.  Welcome to the TeamDWP Family ❤︎

Shoot Location 1:  Ocean Cliff Hotel, Negril, Jamaica
Shoot Location 2:  Rock House Hotel, Negril, Jamaica
Make-up Artist: Heather + Cadey – Bride and Beauty Ltd
Assistant + 2nd Shooter: Lyncoln Miller
Creative Director and Lead Photographer: Dwayne A. Watkins