Tami & Julian {Married}

Getting Ready: The Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica
Ceremony & Reception: Hope Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica
Makeup: Paul March
Bride’s Dress: Maggie Sottero
Decor: Michelle Lee
Catering: Dawn Woodstock
Party Vibes: DJ Smoke
Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Lee
Associate Photographer: Steven McFarlane

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The perfect day for photography! Great work Dwayne and team!

Thank you Dwayne and Steven for the beautiful pictures. The day went by so fast, so I’m very grateful I have these amazing pictures to look back at and relive that special day. Dwayne, your warmth and encouragement on my wedding day is what got me to lower my guard and feel comfortable and playful in front of the camera. Thank you for being the amazing person and photographer you are.

Awesome pics….

I wish Tami and Julian all the best.
Great job on portraying the fun and laughter Team DWP. It truly seemed like a joyous occasion.

Congrats guys

Honestly why are you so incredible! Gorgeous