Muneera & Norman { Married}

Getting Ready: Secrets Wild Orchid, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Ceremony & Reception: Sea Wind Beach Club, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Wedding Co-ordinator: Janice March
Associate Photographer: Steven McFarlane

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You are by the the best photographer ever!!! You captured every beautiful moment!! I can only imagine what the rest of the pictures look like. This wedding was beyond beautiful and you can see the love between The Page’s!! I love you guys so much! What God put together NO MAN can separate!!! I come back to this blog just to relive the wedding again! Amazing job, amazing wedding and Beautiful couple!

So in love with these pics, everything was soon beautiful and looked like so much fun!!!! Many blessings to you and Norman!!!!!

Gorgeous wedding pics and beautiful bride and groom. The scenery the backdrop was just perfect. I wish you both nothing but the best – what a blessed union. The pictures were just breathtaking. You were an absolutely gorgeous bride. I’m at a loss for words 🙂 Congratulations my dear.

This was an AMAZING wedding (truly STUNNING in EVERY aspect!) & the whole experience was simply GREAT! You can TRULY see the love that is shared between the two of you and the BLESSING that God has given you both in having one another as a spouse and someone to share the rest of your life with!
The pictures, which are nothing short of SPECTACULAR, capture SUCH AMAZING moments shared between the couple, the wedding party, and the guests. TRULY a work of art! The photographer and his team did an EXCELLENT job in capturing the precious moments of this union. May God continue to watch over you both and keep blessing this marriage forever.
Thank you for allowing me to share in this truly special moment of your union to one another.
Love you both! 🙂

These pictures are EVERYTHING. They truly captured the essence of this wedding, FUN, LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP. The photographer was great to work with. Truly one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been to. Congratulations to the Pages!


It’s definitely amazing to see the love and happiness radiate through these pictures. What an amazing and talented photographer for such a gorgeous wedding! I wish two the best and more as you start your lifetime together!

Absolutely beautiful!! This photographer definitely captured the essence of this wonderful occasion!!!! Awesome job!!!

These pictures are absolutely beautiful. Many kudos to your photographer. They did an awesome job on capturing moments.

Simply Breath-taking!

These pictures are so beautiful I feel like I experienced everything……. Brilliant

My Goodness! Great job on the pics guys!!! You really captured how much fun we all had! Not to mention how good we all looked, lol.

Would love to know where the head piece was purchased !

I loveeeeeee these pictures!!!such amazing work!!one word to sum it all up is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Great pics! Wishing the couple a life time of happiness.

Breathtaking!!!! I feel like I was there and that is amazing!!! Great job beautiful wedding

Amazing photos! Muneera and Norman look gorgeous and so happy! All the best to you two 🙂

Beautiful wedding Beautiful photos!!!!

Lovely ceremony, I wish you two nothing but the best in your adventure as one. Never stop dating.

Girl I’m in love!!!! These pics are AMAZING!! So happy for you two!! Congrats!!!!

These are some GREAT pictures. He captured the true essence of the love, friendship and fun that went on. I am truly blessed that I could be apart of it.

Best photographer ever!!!! These are gorgeous pics and captured soooo many fun memories!!!! I almost want to have an event just so I can hire the photographer! 🙂

This wedding was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and the pic do all the justice!!! You did an amazing job capturing all these breathtaking moments! Magnificent!!!

Norm and I cannot thank you guys enough for these amazing pictures! you really captured everything in ways that i couldn’t have imagined! The best choice of our entire wedding was hiring your and your team to be our photographers! God has truly given you an amazing talent, wish you all the best!

Some amazing moments were captured in the pictures! I look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures!!! Congrats again to the beautiful Bride & Groom