Lecia & Garfield {Married}

Hotel: Breezes Grand Resorts – Negril, Jamaica
Floral Design & Décor: Michelle Lee
Makeup: Shelly-Ann Patterson
Hair Stylist: Natalia Golding
Caterers: Breezes Grand Resorts  – Negril, Jamaica
Cake: Prudence Higgins-Thompson
Music: Andrew Henry
Movie Clips: Travolta Alexander
Graphic Designer – Andre Hutchinson
Print Media – Signs Jamaica
Wedding Co-ordinator:  The Bride & Groom
Chaplain – Jamaica Constabulary Force, Bishop Gary Welsh, OD JP
2nd Shooter:  Steven McFarlane


Jah know Dwayne YUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You done well with this one SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tell you Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jah know Dwayne YUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You done well with this one SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Uno mek the so-called celebrities weddings look like foolishness.” <<< What Alecia said!

These pictures are LOVELY and that underwater scene and the scene with every man and his woman on the rocks by the water….nutten wickeder dan dat?

Looking at these and I feel joy & excitement & I’m simply in awe of how palpable the love is… I don’t know the two, I’m not even J’can…lol… but I can tell from these pics that they’re an amazing couple & the photography perfectly captured the essence of their present & future love story… my fiance & I are in the early stages of planning our wedding day & we also have out of the box ideas to tell our story… hmmm… seems like we’d have to fly in Dwayne Watkins for our small-island paradise wedding & trash the dress/suit shoots… or maybe we could do the island destination wedding…*thinking*…will be in touch Mr. Watkins & BLESSINGS TO THE LOVELY COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!! It was a special day for two of our special friends and we are overjoyed that we were able to share the moment. These memories will last for a lifetime; and may you two celebrate each day like you celebrated your wedding day. I hope u two spend ur marriage driving each other crazzyyy….in love…:)…..love you guys and all the best. I am just a ping away….xoxoxoxoxo.
Remember the five love languages – Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving gifts, Acts of service and physical touch. Again my friends live blissfully ever after….

Dwayne Watkins and his team ROCK!!

A fabulous event for a fabulous couple. All the best!!

Absolutely Amazing!!! All the best guys!!! I need this photographer in Barbados!!

WOnderful pictures guys

Wow these pic are soooooooooo beautiful am grining from ear 2 ear. Mr & Mrs Taylor unoo wedding sell off and Mrs. Taylor u were looking fabulous. All the best 2 u guys again and big ups to the photographer.

Fabulous. You two make me feel like getting married. Your wedding sell of. Simply stunning. Kudos to the photographer (I have to use). Congratulations.

Absolutely beautiful! Lecia is radiant! Photographer did an amazing job. I may need him for my 10 year renewal… All the best guys, love it!

The pictures are so beautiful not to mention the love that is flowing from the couple in the pictures.

Blessings to you and your crew, very talented, awesome pics

congrats mr. & mrs. taylor. Bucka you are wonderful giving person. You deserve happiness always and you have found it.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Garfield and Lecia Gaye Taylor! The love you have for each other is so touching and is evident in all these amazing pictures! I pray that you will feel this way for the rest of your lives together! God’s Blessings to you both!

These pictures are amazing and beautiful. It captures this wonderful moment and will make the memories even more cherishable and one to always be desired. I was told by a professional photographer once that a camera captures the truth, and makes it clearer than what the naked eyes would see. I definitely witnessed that from these pictures; because the love you both shared for each other was very much obvious, and that is what makes everything so wonderful, radiant and breath taking.

I wish for you both many years of togetherness and continue to enjoy and having fun with each other, as you both are definitely the meaning of genuine love. It is obvious that you both will cherish, grow succesfully and age gracefully with each other; as you complement each other perfectly. God’s continuous blesssings and love for you both!

These guys make me want a do-over. I pray they’re as happy as they look…Great job Dwayne.

Dwayne Watkins is a genius and you guys rock !!!!!!

Congrats Guys as for the pics them shottt like wow clean and all. its the best far and wide ive seen. Beautiful…………….

I really love and admire that you guys are always true to your spirits. Unnu live life how unnu wha live it!!! Strength and Honour!!! Mi nuh need fi wish unnu nothin unnu already have it!!! Love and Light!

wow!!!!!!!!!! i love these pictures you guys are so amazing always remember to put God first in all you do. i want to wish you guys all the best. God bless!!!!!!!!

awesome… definitely the most beautiful wedding pics I have ever seen…congrats guys, may God bless you both continuously…ohhh…the under water thing sell off

Amazing! Beautiful ! Words can not describe ! Looking forward to working with you in the very near future!


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Taylor.
Great job Dwayne.

Bwoy I tell you Garfield and Lecia this pics are totally breathtaking, unno tun up the thing down a Negril to the max. I’m loving them

I love everything about you guys….. first, I love the love; I love the fun you guys have. Congrats once again Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. Your engagement, your wedding was spectacular. Make sure your life together is just the same with lots of hard work and determination, you can succeed.


Awesome. Dats all mi have fi seh, except…Congrats to you both and please let the love lives on.

In AWE! these pics are absoluuuutely gorgeous. Love the movie concept, the underwater pics. Everything is just amazing. The couple must be blown away when they see them. Congrats Dwayne and team on a job excellently done!

this is the wedding of the century.these pictures look so good. bride and groom look adorable. enjoy the honey moon

Very beautiful pics. Captures the moments just right. Enjoy the married bliss in love and peace.

I am totally blown away at the talent of the photographer, the pictures are amazing and well sought out….. Congrats again Taylors wishing you guys all the best!!!!!!!

It’s always magical when a photographer can truly capture emotion! Dwayne the love and energy between these two are apparent with the naked eye and clearly through the lens as well.
Garfield and Lecia, the photos are amazing and a true reflector of the fun, love and laughter you both share. Continue being happy… <3 Sares

Another winner and the count continues…

A picture says a million words
You and yours are on one accord
Never seen Bucka in a picture laugh
Thanks Lecia your beauty, intelengence, and smile ever glowing have made him soft.

Congrats Bucka n Lecia wishing you both the best, but no man the pics selll offfffff mad mad underwater shaaatttt

OMG!!! These photos are lovely, bride and groom looks adorable. One Love respect


Congratulations, Bucka! I am wishing you and Lecia a lifetime of happiness. The picture dem a shot!!! This is a photographer who puts his heart into his work. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos; they’re the most beautiful wedding photos I remember ever seeing. Blessings continually.

Awesome beginning, beautiful photos! After the honeymoon period is over and reality beckons, NEVER forget the love you both felt today. There will be a mixture of emotions and trials to get through, but keeping your love for each other at the forefront will see you sailing through. I wish you many, many years of happiness!

From: 17 years of Love

P.s The photographer totally Rocks!

so its a clean sweep for the oscars, unu win all d categories me cant bother fi even list out all d categories enuff space no de de fi that.lolol

but on a serious note now, the pics are great. great is an understatement. i wish for you two a 100yrs to come 🙂
your kids, grandkids,great-grandkids,great great grandkids…..will have an awesome legacy as an example to live off 🙂

Above ground or under-water, Team DWP covers you on all levels.

As an artist I can say that these photos are a piece of art. They provoke thought, very creative and very intriguing to look at. To the photographer ur the man! May God continue to bless the newly weds! May the have many many more long years together filled with nuff luv!

pics are Amazingly BEAUTIFUL!!! great job
Dwayne! I know both the Bride and Groom
Made ur job very easy! No doubt bout that!
This couple is just soooo damn beautiful
together…. Love them both!!!

Incredible…digital, crystal clear images….this is a ‘billion dollar’ job…lovely

Wow beautiful,the picture are amazing congrats to the bride & the groom.Absolutely breathtaking,these picture are priceless,flawless,beautiful,stunning and gorgeous.Photographer amazing fantastic job,water bottom so beautiful.

These pictures are lovely quiet immaculate I must say looks like a celebrity wedding but then again of course you are. My prayers with your guys,.

This was a wedding with a difference. I can see you guys are truely in love and fun loving keep it up and nuff blessings. The photographer is great

These pictures are absolutely PERFECT…………i want this photographer at my wedding!!

this is absolutley fab. beautiful

YOW Lecia you were a gorgeous bride and jah know Bucka mi c seh u make har happy, she was smiling rite thru. both your joys could be seen shining thru. BEAUTIFUL pics darlings, and from a proud Taylorite mi nah lie oonuh wedding did shaaaaattttttt!!!!! Blessings and prosperity for the years to come. Oh and reminder, make the anniversaries just as hardcore!! go hard mi seh!! #Blessed Love

Absolutely Breathtaking>>>Nothing less was expected. Wishing the Happy Couple all the blessings and great years they have coming!

SMH…. M M M M…

You know DWP, I love how with each event, the swag tun up!!! And the best thing, I don’t see it bucking anytime soon… Nonpareil!!!

This has got to be the most original, inspiring, magnificent, beautiful wedding I have ever seen. The pictures were absolutely breath taking, I sat @ my desk just smiling. You guys are adorable and the plan you guys had was just marvelous. The bride looks radiant and absolutely everything was lovely. I have to come to Jamaica and meet this photographer, AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Wow wow wow Firstly congrats to the bride & groom. God richest blessing on ur union. Put God first & ur bound for success in ur marriage & in ur life. Dwayne super fantastico 🙂 job!!!! I NEED u to be my photographer. Ur work us just amazing so I definately don’t need another creative artist but u. God bless!!!!



Magnificent!!!….magnificent subjects! magnificent photography! Totally perfect!

I have been to a few weddings, however, this to date is and has been the most spectacular and original one I have ever been to, you guys wrote your own fairy tale book from I have known you. Your engagement was “Simply the Best”, the “Wedding, well there are not enough adjectives out there to describe just how Fantastic it was, I am still re-living the moments, I am so happy I was able to share in your joy and excitement. It was indeed an event not to be missed. The heavens opened up and shed a few tears of joy for your happy day, and from then on it was just simply spectacular-joyous-beautiful- “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. May the love of God be with you both from now on- for all your good times- trying times and bad times. I am here for you always. I Love you both. Oh I forgot about the pics. What about them…….Beautiful-Spectacular-Stunning, then again Like DuuuuuHHHHHHHH Enjoy!!!Lots of Love!

The pictures are beautiful. Everything is spectacular. The dresses are suites are well tailored. I don’t think there are enough words in the dictionary to describe how wonderful the pictures are, just like the newly weds. Congrats to you both and I wish you all the richest blessings that God can give.

This is so lovely, gosh pictures are immaculate. I must say man yall in love and I love seeing a man being crazy over his woman and vice versa. The colours lovely, love the laughter, realness and cheerfulness of the pics. Photographer. Love them big up Bucka and Lecia

These pictures are absolutely beautiful. Very interesting playful coloured theme! each aspect of the wedding looks so well planned. I just cant get enough of those under water pictures. Bride, you are one stunning woman. congrats Bucka!

CONTRATULATIONS Mr & Mrs Taylor. These pictures are priceless, flawless, beautiful, stunning, gorgious. There is definately no imitation, i have view many wedding photos but non comparing to yours. The photographer did an amazing Job, high five DWAYNE! I will definately keep you in mind the day i decide to tigh the knot. Mr & Mrs Taylor i wish you both God’s continuing blessings and happiness, not now but always. Thanks for sharing!

Simply amazing, love the pics. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.

These pictures are absolutely awesome. Just beautiful. The underwater ones, I love too. What a great idea.

picha dem tun up tun, I am sure you guys are going to receive numerous request to have your photos in wedding magazines. Hats off to the creative geniuses behind it all amazing….. I wish for you all the love and happiness you deserve blessings…..

You guys are amazing, we love the photos and we had a wonderful time at your wedding. We will continue to pray God’s richest and continued blessings on your union.

we loooooooooooooooooooike it lol

Amaaaaazzzeeeeballs! under water photos are my fave! kudos

Omg words can’t describe how spectacular this is. Amazing photography, spectacular event and a wonderful couple. Love you guys! Dwayne hats off to you those under water shots!!!!! Man the bar just raised a freaking mile up! Great work!

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! I hope your life together will bring much joy to you both as well as to your love ones.

dem picha yah tun up tun up, i’m sure you are going to get numerous request to have your pics featured in wedding magazines. Love the ones with you guys in the water, love the creative genius behind it all great job to your photographer… and I wish you guys all the happiness and love you deserve.

The pictures are amazing im speechless….Congrats again guys I know you guys only know how to do it Big!!!! I follow u 2 like celebrities dwl….who is this Dwayne watkins guy he seem to be the biggest in jamaica now for photograph…my wedding coming up need to link him lol

FAB – U – LOUS !!!!!!!! I cant find the words…………………………………………………………………
Shout out to the photographer, you did a fantastic job!

Just simply stunning. Beautifully different and inspiring. You make me want to fall in love all over again. The colours are richly radiant.

Uno mek the so-called celebrities weddings look like foolishness. mi still nuh find the words yet fi describe the pics them shotttt, shellllll, them slapp wey them sobolious (7star general ) voice. It nuh normal. You guys are sooo photogenic, just one look one these pics I can see true genuine LUBBBBB. U guys are a great couple. Know u will continue having fun and charting new courses together. have fun on ur life long journey of love n happiness. Blessings

PS: you guys need to start a wedding planning n events company. As for the photographer U r booked to appear at my wedding and capture my moments. when; sometime in the future when i find sumone wha cut out of the scraps wha mek Bucka. u set the bar high bucka so guys better borrow a page outta yuh book.

Great work, looking wonderful

simply magnifico beautifull realy loved it and wish you guys all the best that life has to offer

I cannot manage….*HOLDING BACK SCREAMS AT MY DESK* no sah…Dwayne, when I found out u were gonna take the Taylor’s pic I just knew they’d sell of but no man…..under wata an all dese tings….I cannot find the words….IN-FREAKIN-CREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!