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Jodi-Ann + Ted {Married}

10 Dec 2015, Posted by TeamDWP in Blog, Weddings

Bride Getting Ready: The Spanish Court Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica
Groom Getting Ready: Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica
Ceremony: Temple of Light, Kingston, Jamaica
Reception: Hope Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica
Makeup: Paul March
Bride’s Dress: Martina Liana
Decor: Dawn Leyow of DEC Events
Cake: Nicola Gardner
Caterers: Theo A. Smith – Great House Caterers
Videography: Hamilton Multimedia
Wedding Coordinator: The Bride and Groom
Creative Director and Lead Photographer: Dwayne A. Watkins
Associate Photographer: Steven Mcfarlane

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  • Sharon

    Hey Jodi and Ted you guys had a celebrity wedding :absolutely love it God bless you Continually. Lots of love.

  • Ted & Jodi-Ann Smith

    TEAM DWP, you are effortlessly talented. You have captured the true essence of our wedding. UNDYING LOVE & unfiltered JOY. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We truly appreciate how beautifully amazing these photos are.

  • Rosalee McHayle,

    To my darling Jolie and Ted all
    the very best in your future endeavor as man
    And wife it’s an aaaaah moment blessings my love.

  • Shandice

    This was by far been the most beautiful wedding I have witnessed. The love you both share has certainly been captured by your talented photographer and I wish that you both will continue to grow in love and cherish each other forever!

  • Sherice Norton

    “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it”. What an AMAZING JOB!
    Mr and Mrs Smith wishing you happiness in abundance and may you continue to look in the same direction.

  • Renée Brown

    These pictures are beyond amazing!!! Congratulations to the stunning couple Mr. & Mrs. Smith …may you have an everlasting love! Team DWP …. I don’t know how you keep outdoing yourself….. so many BOSS shots. … artistic angles, attention to details, great capture of the hot newlyweds and our breathtaking country. Amazeballs!!! It only gets better from here guys. Love you Cuzzos xoxo

  • Keisha Hill-Grey

    Jodi and Ted, you both looked so in love and excited to exchange your vows. These pictures captured your special day very good!!!!! I hope you both continue to be the apple of each other’s eyes for a lifetime!

  • Angie, Peter & Kiana

    Jodi & Ted these pictures are magnifient they have captured so much LOVE and enjoyment!!!!!! To both of you we have said it before and we’ll say it again “keep the Lord as centre and formost of your lives and He will guide and protect you both and your families!!” We wish you all the very best on your new life together were ever it may take you, God will be by your sides always!!!! We love you both????❤️? Pssst I wish to hear some news in ???? the new future of “Bun in de oven” ?????????!!!! God bless!!!!!???

  • Judith Ramgeet

    You and ted have out done yourselves. Amazing wedding!!! The photographer captured every detail and high points. He is second to none. Great job. Have a great and prosperous life.

  • Jhneall

    Looks like such an amazing day! All your special moments have been captured so brilliantly. This is the start of a new chapter on your amazing journey. I wish you both a life full of joy, laughter, happiness and God’s richest blessings. Lots of love.

  • Lino Contreras

    Ted and Jodi! Congratulations and best wishes in your marriage! Looks like an amazing wedding!

  • Toni Gillette-Chambers

    Mr & Mrs Smith…..Simply Stunning ❤️


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