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Janelle & Ewan {Married}

17 Apr 2014, Posted by TeamDWP in Blog, Weddings

Getting Ready: The Sheraton Suites, Plantation, Florida
Ceremony: St. Benedicts Episcopal Church, Plantation, Florida
Reception: Bamboo Gallery, Davie, Florida
Makeup:  Tishema Georges
Florist: Field of Flowers
Videography: Reynaldo Martin
Wedding Co-ordinator : Kimberley Dunkley-Mullings – Logistics by K2
Associate Photographer: Steven McFarlane


  • Althea Buckridge

    I had goosebumps throughout the whole ceremony. Now I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your celebration. You, your wife and your bridal party looked ravishing. And these pictures are extraordinary. More than words can express, you guys are beautiful. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavor. XOXO

  • Stacie

    Love, love, love these pics and the energy they capture! Smiling faces, bright color, and lots of fun!

    And the Man-of-Honor looks like plenty trouble…but in a good way 😉

    • Man-of-Honor

      I’m a good time. You’re welcome.

      • Nicole Shnaidman

        Yes he is trouble !!! Sooo fun !!

  • Ann

    These are the best wedding pictures I have ever seen! Bravo Janelle. It captures the fun and laughter that embodied the occasion. Makes me just want to jump in and celebrate all over again! Cudos to the photographer!:)))

  • Itasha

    my girl you make a beautiful bride loving the pics and all the smiling faces! Seems like everyone had a blast,can’t believe I missed it #sadface…so enjoy the love that grows and knows no end!

  • Averyl

    Wow! Lovely bride and groom , great pictures, Only Janelle, Patrick et al could pull off something as beautiful as this. Dwayne captured the beauty and fun of the event. Excellent photography!

  • Tainya C.

    These pictures channeled high energy, love, and laughter.
    Congratulations Janelle and Ewan!
    Amazing display of life’s art as always, TeamDWP.

  • Michele B.

    These pictures are amazing…….the vibrant colors….the laughter……the mood……the love. The photographer was able to capture all these moments beautifully. Amazing memories of a wonderful celebration.

  • V King

    Absolutely beautiful pics guys. Wish I could have made it. Wishing you all the best!

  • Kimara

    Oh wow. Awesome I’ll say. I wasn’t able to attend; but these pics made me all too present. Thanks

  • Nicole Shnaidman

    What gorgeous photos that show all our joy and excitement !!! Dwayne and his staff were nothing but professional !! We had soo much fun !!! You couldn’t ask for a better day to celebrate a union between two beautiful people friends and families !!! Thanks for having me part of your special day ..celebrity status !!

  • Tessa

    Absolutely Fabulous! You looked and rocked like a Diva.. .. love love love the poses while standing in the crowd…….told you he was the one and I had not even met him when I did. Just new you guys seemed to have synergy…..sad face: I just could not make it…..I missed out.

  • simone

    Beautifulllll..Janelle you looked beautiful , Ewan you both had a infectious glow of joy….so sad I was not there to celebrate with you…I am happy you had a great day. …lots of love.


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