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Our Team


Steven M. McFarlane

Associate Photographer

Steven is an avid lover of photography, but it wasn’t until Dwayne one of his closest friends, helped develop an awareness of what makes a great photo, that his passion for the art soared. Steven tries to commit life’s rich experience and sense of perfection to everything he does. Being a photographer is not just a job, it’s a part of who he is. In his leisure time Steven enjoys shooting nature and landscape photographs, but when there’s no camera in his hands, you can find him at the auto shop or in the back yard tinkering with a vintage car.




Dwayne  A. Watkins

Creative Director and Lead Photographer

With more than 400 weddings & commercial shoots throughout the Caribbean and USA, the career of Dwayne Watkins as a Wedding and Lifestyle photographer has raised the benchmark for delivering excellence, by translating real emotions and colourful energy into priceless moments; which last a lifetime though his attention to detail, his creative photography style, and his relationship with his clients who remain part of what he affectionately calls “TeamDWP” long after their Wedding day.
Dwayne’s photography tells a story, capturing each wedding with a client-friendly focus and a solid recognition of the individuality of every couple. Named MACO Magazine’s pick for Best Photographer in Jamaica, Dwayne’s portfolio also includes fashion, commercial work and being the Director of Photography for parenting lifestyle Magazine – b3 Caribbean.
Photography is Dwayne’s passion. It’s what he does. And he LOVES what he does.


Dwayne Jureidini (DJ)

Visual Artist/Associate Photographer

DJ’s love affair with design began early as an assistant to his dad, himself, a graphic designer. Two decades later, armed with his Dad’s priceless tutelage & the constant desire for creating artwork of an international standard, the love affair continues. After meeting on a commercial shoot in 2009, it seemed only natural for DJ to become the visual artist/creative designer for TeamDWP since he brings what we coin as the “cherry on top” finishing touches to the post production process. For DJ, photography is an extension of his creativity and another way to capture and express what he envisions, and has a passion for turning images to tangible lifetime memories.