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Wahida & Shan {Married}

24 Jan 2014, Posted by TeamDWP in Blog, Indian Weddings, Weddings

Ceremony & Reception: Moon Dance Cliffs, Negril, Jamaica
Floral Design: Floral Fantasies
Hair: Salon Negril
Henna & Makeup: Thumpa Rafique
Caterers: Moon Dance Cliffs, Negril, Jamaica
Wedding Co-ordinator: Ophellia McKnight – Bridal Affair Destinations
Associate Photographer: Steven McFarlane

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  • Stacie

    So much colour! So much joy! So much love! Blessings to the newly-weds!

    P.S. I look forward to these posts like they’re cheques in the mail!

  • TainyaC

    Beautiful couple, I love the colors.
    I am always amazed at your ability to transcend feelings of love and joy through your photos.
    Thanks for sharing your great work TeamDWP, and congratulations to Wahida and Shan.

  • Nevine Haider

    Beautiful photos. Captured the spirit of the wedding festivities

  • KimmiDunks

    Absolutely beautiful!
    Congrats to Wahida and Shan.

  • Rubina & Naveed Riaz


  • davene

    Dwayne, these are awesome. I could look at them forever. It feels like I’m looking through a fairytale story.

  • Raana S Fancy

    Absolutely stunning pictures. Shan and Wahida…………Bollywood here we come !! These images have captured the joy brilliantly. Thank you for sharing the beautiful moments.

  • silvat Malik

    Lovely photographs…Congratulations …

  • Aasia Arif

    Lovely images of a most beautiful wedding !! Many many congratulations to all.

  • golam noaz

    Great pictures & beautiful people. i missed the ceremony but looking at it now feels like i was there . All the blessings for the couple.

  • Mark Josefsberg

    Beautiful, beautiful!!

  • Sean Kim

    Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Haider!!! Memorable pictures of a beautiful occasion, wish I could have shared.

  • KAAts
    Congratulations guys 🙂

  • Neelofur

    Lovely photographs! Congrats to Shan and Wahida and to their families.
    You make a beautiful couple!

    Love Neelo

  • Ish Durrani

    Absolutely beautiful, gorgeous , very colorful .
    Congrats , but was trying to find you & Rizwan.


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