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08 Mar 2017, Posted by TeamDWP in Bacchanal / Carnival, Blog, Commercial, Personal

WOW….Year 5.  Thought we were only doing this once.  Trinidad Carnival is slightly intoxicating and a little addictive.  “Party to the Full Extreme” #AskAnyone.  

…”the city could burn down We Jammin Still..” 

So make way for TeamDWP Studios’ 5th year as the official photographers for LP:TS – YUMA!   Check out a few of our images on the road with  Limin’ Professionalz:The Syndicate (LP:TS)  and Yuma.  

Location: Port of Spain, Trinidad
Events Attended: Soca Brainwash, Shades Breakfast Party, Dirty Dozen Jouvert, Carnival Monday/Tuesday
Creative Director and Lead Photographer: Dwayne A. Watkins
Associate Photographer: Steven Mcfarlane

Enjoy Trinidad Carnival 2017 through our lens.

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  • Rachel Oneika

    Fackin’ AMAZING captures, TeamDWP! #bringdemcome

  • RON

    AS AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!!! Can’t wait to see the full set!

  • Ohgchoice

    MOST AMAZING BLOG I’VE EVER SEEN. Made me relive carnival ALL OVER again!

  • Kizzy Gomes

    As always Dwayne and DWP Team, job well done!!!!!!. Photos are AWESOME #SELLOFF and quality just breathtaking. I love how some pics just not the normal portrait and landscape type but more like candids, people getting on bad #NOCAREINTEHWORLD.

  • Jamie T

    Your photos capture the essence of carnival and each moment! You put us right back in the action. Brilliant!


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