Sacha & David {Married}


Beautiful couple….I enjoy the under water shots. Blessings on your marriage…

Wow. She did trash that dress! lol. Sweet pics. God bless your union.

Great Pictures. Sorry we missed the occasion.This must be photographer of the year!! Congrats!!

Oh man who’da thunk it!! These photos got me thinking that maybe weddings can be worth the headache of planning and spending :0). All the best Mr and Mrs Cuthbert…wish a long satisfying and rewarding trek on this adventure called Marriage.

OMG!!!!! These pictures are so beautiful!!!!!!! You made me long to get to Jamaica!!!!!!!

Beautiful pictures. Sure looks like you had lots of fun on your wedding day Way to go. Best Wishes to you both always !!!

Under water????? That’s new DW love it!!!!!!!

Best wedding. Congratulations.

Beautiful bride! Love the photography. Excellent work Dwayne! You captured the moment perfectly. It’s like you can almost feel the joy they experienced that day through the each photo. Lovely…

Amazing photos of a beautiful couple! Sacha has a million dollar smile… come to think of it, so does David.
I had to forward this to our daughter who is planning a wedding, can we add Jamaica to the list of possible venues?

We are so happy for you beauties! Your pictures reflect the fun and spontaneity of this wondrous celebration. We support and love you both very much!
Will you be returning to Cleveland? or is Jamaica home? Your love for each other is inspiring. Blessings for many happy healthy years ahead.

Love always,

Tammy & Kurt Foote and Family xoxo (Ty, Travis, Caleb & Parker).

These pictures are amazing!!! The memories have been captured for a lifetime…I mean WOW!!! Can’t wait to see more;)

Bwoy!!!!. di picture dem wicked bad!!!. Dwayne, remember that you are doing my pics when i get married!!!. The underwater shots are off the chain!!!!!

First off…CONGRATS David & Sacha. Welcome to the wonderful & amazing world of marriage. You two are off to a great start. DWP once again captured the emotion and had me feeling every ounce of your joy! I’m sitting here at 10.30p at night laughing out loud at Cutti running down the golf cart. I’m sooo loving these pics DW!!

This is THE single coolest most gorgeous wedding and set of people I’ve seen in a while. EVERYTHING was beautifully done and captured. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. I want a wedding and a wedding photographer just LIKE THAT! Awesome job!

DWL guys. Love the “smooch and tie grab” and “chasing the golf caddy” photos. Mazel Tov (again) guys.

Wonderful photos,Congrats to you both.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE these pics! Awesome planning, beautiful wedding πŸ™‚

That was the coolest wedding I ever saw. Great planning and creativity. May God bless this beautiful couple…let y’alls love be a lesson to many! God bless!

Nice way to end the year. Happy people say whatttt!!!

Groom, STGC son. Photographer, STGC son. St. Georges College forever!!!!

Absolutely amazing pics Sach!!!!! I am so happy for you and David, you make a beautiful couple. πŸ™‚

great photos of a great day!

Great photos! Love the rich colors and you too look so beautiful and happy. I wish you the best in your journey together. May God walk with you all. πŸ™‚

What an amazing job you did! You really captured the love & playfulness of Sach & Dave!

I definitely want you to do my pics when I get married… but I have to find the groom first! πŸ™‚

David jus beautiful i love love the pictures oh the underwater snaps beyond words…Sacha i have never met u but feel like i know u tru David’s eyes u were such a beautiful bride. All the Best Cutti’s i wish u many many many wonderful years

Congrats to you both…the underwater pics are really cool by the way πŸ™‚

No Dwayne, yuh cyaan gwaan so!!! These pics are absolutely DIVINE!!! Talk bout “go hard or go home!!!”

An exciting time for a deserving couple. Exquisite pics as always

Just plain WOW…….the under water pics…..just wow.

Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding and beautiful pictures!

Wow! What beautiful pics!! Congrats to you both. I love the last ones diving in the water!

Dwayne as always AMAZING job at capturing the love and memories for this couple. Looks like they had a blast…loved the bride’s vows, cake, place settings, and trash the dress looked so fun…Loved how you got them leaping into the ocean and of course the under water action.

Let’s see how you will top this next πŸ˜‰

Mr. Amazing Watkins!!!! You captured the day, you captured the night, you captured the couple so amazingly right!!! sell off solddddddd, maaaaawwwddd ….Sach and David A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! that’s all πŸ™‚