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Kiesha-Ann & Sean {Married}

24 Oct 2014, Posted by TeamDWP in Blog, Trash The Dress, Weddings

Ceremony & Reception: Strawberry Fields Together, Robin’s Bay St. Mary, Jamaica
Décor & Lighting: Tara Hirst- WhiteLight Productions
Cake: Selena Wong
Caterers: Karl Hart – The Pantry Caterers
Flowers: Tara Hirst – WhiteLight Productions
Wedding Co-ordinator: Jo-Anne Paxton
Make-up Artist: Rasine Hamilton
Videographer: Ian Guthrie
Assistant/Photographer: Tricia Bent
Associate Photographer: Steven McFarlane

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  • Melissa Douglas

    Absolutely beautiful ❤️

  • Elizabeth Sinclair

    Amazing, as expected! Luuuuuv luv luv!

  • Ashley Alakija

    Those pictures are amazing… You can fee the love shining through… Absolutely wonderful! Congratulations ❤️❤️

  • DwayneJ

    Awesome blog post! TeamDWP strikes again!

  • Criss Cain

    Love this! Congrats my Jawj & Kiesh! Wish I could have been there! These photos are fantastic. Great job yet again Team DWP!

  • KimmiDunks

    Beyond stunning and breathtakingly beautiful! The love is oozing in every picture. Congrats to the beautiful couple! Major kudos to the dream team – TeamDWP.

  • Allison Mais-Walker

    This is so fabu! Love it SGR – nuff luv & blessings!….

  • keisha lawrence


  • Peta-Gay Johnson

    These pictures are beautiful! I love love love them! Congratulations to the beautiful couple and to Team DWP! Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Kerisha Cadogan

    Congrats Kiesha and Sean! The day seemed absolutely gorgeous and you were stunning Kiesha. I wish you guys all the happiness in the world.

  • Kerri Berrick

    Kiesha and Seanus… just beautiful. Expected no less with Team DWP behind the lens. God bless your marriage and may it grow more beautiful each day. Xo.

  • Michelle Gordon

    My #1 choice is now in jeopardy. LOVE this! TeamDWP strikes again!

  • Tazhna Williams

    I TOLD YOU … I TOLD YOU ….The choice is clear …only TEAM DWP !!!!!
    I SWEAR by Dwayne Watkins. LOVE you guys

    Congrats again to my two favourite people in the World Kiesha and Sean Reid.

  • Kelly-Ann Boyne

    …..breathtakingly beautiful….the quintessential manifestation of art and love….TeamDWP…..#stellar….Two Beautiful souls….now united as one….love you guys

  • Kaylia

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! Great work TeamDWP!

  • M.E.

    Awesome sir!! Simply awesome!

  • Charlene

    Just beautiful.

  • Khadene

    What words can I use, AMAZEBALLS!!!!!! Fantastic photography and Fantabulous subjects!!!!

  • Suzette duCille

    Congratulations Sean to you and your MOST beautiful wife!! ‘The Reids’ lol… I love! The photos were simply MAGNIFICENT!! I can see it was a unique and splendid affair. Proud of you Sean.

  • Roshell Muir

    This wedding was gorgeous and Keisha looked stunning!!!!!!!!!! DWP really captured the beauty of it all and I could feel the love in every single shot! Congrats again SG and Keisha and may your union be blessed always!

  • Kerry Lowe

    Congrats guys! Had me a little teary there for a while *pats eyes inconspicuously*

  • Anna-kaye Price

    Words can not explain how amazing this post is. Congrats Sean and Kiesha!!

  • Nazila Mais

    Wow… Absolutely Stunning! Ya’ll made Robins Bay look like a whole new world!!! Mi nuh know unuh personally but I caught a glimpse of Beautiful People! #allbestinlife

  • Karla Oviedo

    Absolutely a beautiful day to remember!!! Congratulations to the new family and god bless your life together always 😀

  • Trishawna

    Absolutely amazing…Dwayne is sooooo doing my wedding

  • Keneisha

    Absolutely beautiful…wishing Sean and his lovely wife the very best. The photographer was on point!! This is definitely work of art.

  • Patricia

    Absolutely, Absolutely wonderful…. Wow!!!

  • Ana

    I can truly feel the love coming from these pics

  • Alicia McIntosh

    Absolutely soulfull and breathtaking, both bride and groom display love, beauty and passion with elegance and simplicity!! Truly splendid guys!!!! All the very best to you both!!! Great work photographers your passion for quality photography is seen!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Wow! Beautiful couple, location and details…Great work DWP!

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  • Malacia

    I JUST LOVE!!!
    what more can I say???

  • Keron

    So beautiful. Very unique and breathtaking. Wishing you both all the best that Love, Life and the Lord has to offer. Blessings

  • C Consuela

    SIMPLY the best! Country decor at the ocean – FABULOUS. Accessories, lace dresses, all classy with old world charm.


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