B & T {Married}

Ceremony: Lady Fatima Catholic Church, Ocho Rios Jamaica
Reception: Cary Island, Ocho Rios Jamaica
Décor: Tara Hirst- WhiteLight Productions
Lighting: Sparkles Disco
Flowers: Tara Hirst- WhiteLight Productions
Wedding Co-ordinator: Tara Hirst- WhiteLight Productions
Associate Photographer: Steven McFarlane


These are spectacular, simply breath taking.

Gwaan tru Team DWP. Possibly one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I’ve seen. Possibly one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen. Loved how you captured the water for the trash the dress shoot. Just when I think ‘he can’t possibly top this one’ you go and do something like this. DW – the best wedding photographer in the world… and is not just your grandmother seh so!

Incredibe pictures. The photographer just about captured everything …. very imaginative indeed.

Love the photos! He really capture the great moments of your day.And yes the ja tourist board should use some of these.Great job!!! It was really a fun wedding!

From an artistic view these photogs are excelent, maybe the Jamaica Tourist Board could use some of them, maybe some posters. Maybe Beejel shoould change her profession and become a model.

Amazing photos! Absolute bliss!!!!!!! Lol.. Im stealing that photographer on my wedding day hahaha lol.. and the cop too. Love it and congrats to you both <3 xx

Those are the most amazing photo’s I’ve ever seen in my life….and I’ve seen a lot! Continue the great work, i hope one day it will be me in those photo’s with my husband.

These are gorgeous!
Congrats, again, Beejel & Timmy! What precious memories have been captured here.

I am one happy girl to have had Dwayne Watkins photograph my wedding! You captured moments that I will cherish for a life time! The way you captured the vivid colors of our wedding, my wedding shoes floating in the air, our laughter, our “moments” is incredibly amazing. You and your crew are very talented and I just wanted to let you know how many of my friends and family, along with both Timmy and myself enjoy looking at all of the pictures!

Your work is absolutely amazing. You have an excellent eye for details and what i love most is that you capture the ambiguous.

Excellent Job. You have won me over.

I’m from The Bahamas and I have NO CLUE how these pictures got into my inbox BUT I am glad that they did! These pictures are absolutely amazing! I don’t even know you two but your love for each other literally jumped off of the screen. Fantastic! Congrats and very best wishes for your lifelong union 🙂 You guys look like a very fun couple!

Listen nuh, ur pics have gone viral all over facebook ! people are talking all about them !

This is the defination of, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” absolutely beautiful pictures.

love love love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee these! Can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding photos!! Made the 3 trips down to Carey island and back (in a dress, in heels, in the rain!) worth it! I love how you got Timmy in handcuffs 🙂

I came across your work recently and I am hooked!!! I check the website just to see if there is anything new. I absolutely love your work and think your talent is amazing!! These shots are so thoughtful, may favourites are the ones with the shoes in the air – how incredibly creative. If and when I get married you absolutely have to take my pictures!!!!!

AWESOME! You must be the best photographer in the world. Love the composition, quality, story line of every pic. Keep it up, your talent knows no bounds!

nooooo man …you really are out doing yourself DWAYNE WATKINS ….Fiona says every time she looks at your pictures you make her wanna just get married just to hire you to take the pictures lolol

I always knew it was in you. AWESOME!!!!! So when are going to hire me. LOL Great Job!

Completely amazing…feels as if I was there! I am at a loss for words and that never happens (well almost never lol!)…can’t wait to work with you!

I love your photos. The colours, composition, the story-line, its all just wonderful. Well done.


The word Incredible does not do your work justice! Your work is sooooo much better they need to invent a new word to describe what you do!

Keep it up baby! Outrageous trash the dress! Lol Love it!

DWP, what do I like most about your work? I love the fact that each wedding (chapter) builds on your story as a great photographer. No two wedding is the same and so this adds intrigue – “…oh I can’t wait to see another post”, ” I wonder what he will come up with this time?”. You are absolutely nonpareil!!!

Your talent is unprecedented. DWP rocks!!! (again)

WOW…your work gets better and better. I enjoyed looking at these pics. Good job!

WOW! DWP… there isn’t a photographer on the planet that’s got the groom in handcuffs… hahahha….dude, you’re amazing! In all seriousness, you once again caught the emotion of the day! Great job!