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Angel & CJ {Engaged}

29 Jul 2010, Posted by TeamDWP in Blog, E-Sessions

Location: Boscobel, Jamaica

This shoot was very exciting for me.  I love when couples are excited about their pictures and want something out of the box. CJ is a pilot and he wanted to some how incorporate this for their engagement pictures.  Immediately, we started to think of old school bomber flight jackets, and maybe a Marilyn Monroe look for Angel.

We didn’t have to much time either, their wedding was less than 3 days away. After working out the logistics, my assistant and I met them at the helipad and CJ flew us via helicopter to Boscobel, Jamaica.  Now, this was my first time on a helicopter and I was extremely excited, even though I was nothing but suave on the outside…:) (Behind the Scenes coming soon)

Here are some of the shots from that day.









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