TeamDWP Studios By Dwayne Watkins | Trinidad Carnival 2013 – LP:TS – YUMA


Trinidad Carnival 2013 – LP:TS – YUMA

27 Feb 2013, Posted by TeamDWP in Behind the Scenes, Blog, Commercial, Personal

“We come out to play mas / and we doh fraid powda” – The Fog, Machel Montano

Invited by Liming Professionals:The Syndicate (LP:TS) to cover their experience at Jouvert and both days of Carnival (with Yuma), Team DWP caught some powder, lots of paint and plenty good vibes this year at Trinidad Carnival 2013. Our clients had the luxury of feting camera-free while we captured their high energy exploits. LP:TS definitely were the “Life ah de Party” – here are some highlights of our time with them in Trinidad. Get “Ready for the Road” Jamaica!

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  • Bucka

    Just feel like crying … Best week of the year

  • Pickcha Dis

    Awesome Pix Dwayne!!!!!!!!! see u at Carnival!!

  • T. Clarke

    These pictures capture the energy, and very essence of carnival. They allow the viewer to experience the fun and revelry. I can hear the rhythm in my head and feel the vibrations from the trucks all around. From J’ouvert to the road march….. You captured it all.
    As always Team DWP did an awesome job!

  • Korice

    As a Trinbagonian I am proud to say the least… I felt the energy throughout this entire album… from the breaking of dawn in J’ouvert to the last lap on Tuesday night… the final pic is EPIC… I feel tired too ^_^… GREAT job, a always DWP- the team is indeed gifted and as I always say… I can’t wait to be DWP’d some day!

  • Lenny

    Big Up Team DWP awesome work guys.

  • Aaron

    Loving the pics so far, looking forward to seeing the rest.

  • Lorey

    Excellent work! The pictures offer the viewer the vibe, energy and entire experience of the partakers in Trini Carnival! Such fun! Great job…again!

  • Nats

    Wow!!! Love your pics…great work!

  • Ne_mar

    Great pics as usual Dwayne, nice selections.

  • Kiwi Macs

    Amazing pictures!!!! Loooooooove them.

  • Hector

    damn damn damn… some of the best carnival pics i’ve seen… how much more time we have to wait for 2014?… LESSGO!!!

  • J.A.Ricketts

    I can feel the vibe , the energy in radians every pic …. Love the angles, the DWP awesome job…..


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