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Meila & Merrick {Married}

25 Jun 2015, Posted by TeamDWP in Blog, Weddings

Getting Ready: Terra Nova All Suite Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica
Ceremony & Reception: Hope Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica
Bride’s Dress: Vera Wang
Makeup: Paul March
Cake: Cake Couture Ja
Decor: Melanie Miller
Caterers: Theo A. Smith – Great House Caterers
Wedding Coordinator: Melanie Miller
Creative Director and Lead Photographer: Dwayne A. Watkins
Associate Photographer: Steven McFarlane

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  • Michelle Gordon

    Insanely beautiful! …and I’m not just saying that because I think you’re an amazing photographer! I don’t know this couple, but happiness is written all over them! Best wishes to the bride and groom!

  • Selena Chin

    WOW! Pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Elegant and simply beautiful. I wish you guys all the happiness, kids, success, off springs, longevity, pitter patter of little feet and mostly love…… did I mention a lot of children  all the best you guys!!!

  • Natalee

    TeamDWP, you guys kill it! Murder it!!!! Pure awesome sauce right here!!! Love it!!!! Oonu bad like yaws 🙂 Congrats Meila and Merrick, oonu ting shot shot shot…..tun up ((((((((LOUD)))))). Blessings on the union peeps

  • Carla Ashley-Grant

    Awesome pictures. They say pictures are worth a thousand words and you guys look happy. Congratulations!!!

  • Susan Campbell-Scarlett

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! You both will certainly look back on these beautiful pictures and remember how awesome and special that day was. As you go down this road the book is open and the pages await for both of you to continue writing and making your own love story……Soooooooooooo happy for you Meila…..

  • Nadia Green-Glenn

    They say “Life fails to be perfect but never fails to be beautiful” This is the beginning of “perfectly beautiful” Congrats Meila & Merrick you deserve every moment of happiness.

  • Stephanie Hart

    Wow, I could feel their happiness through the pictures when they saw each other for the first time. Amazing work!!!!

  • Sarina

    Absolutely lovely!!! The love and happiness just shines through!

  • Imani S. Maxwell

    You guys make me wana believe in happily ever after 🙂 Keep those smiles. Beeeautiful! Disney has nothing on you. Enjoy your forever M&M


  • Jai


  • Esther McKitty-Griffin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! These pictures are amazing and captured every moment. I felt like I was there. Congrats you two and wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.

  • Tashane C. Barath

    Beautiful couple…great job Dwayne and team!!!

  • kamesha Spence

    Congratulations hon. I am very happy for you. You look gorgeous and your prince look ever so charming. I pray for you both that you allow the Lord to be the center of your marriage and you will have a happy life together. Love you

  • Keria

    Their joy radiates through the pictures! Omg! I’m in is a beautiful thing! Love the simplicity of the wedding, the intimacy..everything was just perfect..great job as always team DWP! I follow your work all they way from Mombasa, Kenya!


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