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Billie-Jean & Karl {Married}

11 Dec 2013, Posted by TeamDWP in Blog, Weddings

Getting Ready: Strawberry Hill, Irish Town, Jamaica
Ceremony & Reception: Craighton Estate, Irish Town, Jamaica
Makeup: Jeneva Whorms
Hair Styled by: Lisa Hutchinson
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Drenna Luna
Groom’s Suit: Carlton Brown
Wedding Cake: Selena Wong
Decor: Melanie Miller / Tai Flora
Catering: Oji Jaja – Ashebre
Videography: Reynaldo Martin
Wedding Coordinator: Melanie Miller
Associate Photographer: Steven McFarlane
Assistant Photographer: Robynn Lee

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  • Natalie Chin-Watkins


  • Stacie

    Just lovely! Blessings and congrats!

    Btw, DWP, is this the first time one of your groom’s changed but the bride did not?

  • Kermith Chung

    Always looking forward to the team’s quality work. We’ll done.

  • Laurz L.

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Ricky and Roxy

    Congrats KT and BJT welcome to the mile high club guys we love you both. PICS are super awesome!!!!!!

  • karl tulloch

    Pure awesomeness. Memories for a lifetime. Thank you DWP

  • Tia

    Luv the pics!!! Bille you are totally gaaaaawjus!!! Karlos….Divo to di whirllll lolol… Really lovely

  • Zac & Tamz

    Congratulations Billy & Karl!! A picture says a thousand words but these have captured so much more…..the amazing day that it was, your love for each other, the bond you have with your kids and how much your friends and family love you!!!

    Dwayne – you and your team are just incredible.

  • Kimberly and Camar

    This was a wedding casted in the heavens and directed by the almighty ruler of the land. It was beyond the state of beauty and elegance. Billie you were absolutely breath taking and as your husband would say clean (smile). The union you two were destined to create has now received its final link and I have no doubt in my mind that it will last forever.

    Congratulations again Mr and Mrs Tulloch.

  • Sandy Collings

    BJ & Karlito, I couldn’t b emore happy for you both. Blessings forever!. You both made Dwayne’s job that much easier, these are absolutely beautiful.

  • Frank

    Awesome wedding, beautiful pictures you are truely a match made in heaven, keep up the good work

  • renee

    beautiful wedding! how can i find out who did her hair???

    • Siss

      It’s right there in the credits. Lisa Hutchinson.


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