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Anjule & Delroy { Married}

03 May 2015, Posted by TeamDWP in Blog, Weddings

Getting Ready: The Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica
Ceremony & Reception: Hope Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica
Makeup: Paul March
Decor: Michelle Lee
Party Vibes: DJ Smoke
Wedding Coordinator: Jackie Young
Creative Director and Lead Photographer: Dwayne A. Watkins
Associate Photographer: Steven McFarlane

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  • Celene

    What beautiful pics to celebrate the beginning of your lives together!!! Congrats again on your big step of faith. May God bless you both. Love, Celene.

  • Bridgette Roye

    Congratulations Anjule and Delroy… MAy God’s Richest Blessings Be Yours now and Forever more..

  • Jackie Young

    Anjule and Delroy:
    “May you never take each other’s love for granted but always experience that breathless wonder that exclaims, “Out of this entire world, you have chosen me.”
    Enjoy a life full of joy and remember that “Marriage is not for living for each other. It is two people uniting and joining hands to serve God.”

    Dwayne/Team DWP:
    These pictures are absolutely stunning. Many people call themselves ‘photographers’, but few are capable of capturing the raw emotions that your photographs do. You have given a lifetime of memories. Kudos to Steven as well – together you’ve left us with a beautiful keepsake of a beautiful day. Can’t wait to see the whole lot.

    Mummy Young

  • Michelle Gordon

    Love the emotion. Especially love your capture of the father. From the pain of letting his daughter go, to the joy of seeing her truly happy. Kudos #TeamDWP Always and forever!

  • Freddy Foster

    Congrats! Beautiful family…Awesome pics! Congrats again!!


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